Innovative crosschain protocol

Connecting blockchains using crosschain gateway
built with smart contracts

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What is EXRNchain?

EXRNchain is a protocol and network for crosschain value 
and data transfer between distributed ledgers (blockchains).

Use cases

Atomic Swaps

EXRNchain protocol allows better, faster, simpler atomic swaps between different cryptocurrencies. We will implement it in our EXRNswaps service.

Crosschain Payments 

Merchants don't need to create and manage dozens of cryptocurrency wallets, they can accept one, while offering 100s of payment options for clients.

Data Transfer

EXRNchain protocol can be used to transfer any encrypted data between distributed ledgers (which brings many use cases in connection with IPFS technology)

Enterprise Ready 

EXRNchain protocol is an all-in-one solution for enterprises to start working and developing blockchain projects.

Decentralized Exchanges

Fast and simple decentralized exchanges can be built on the EXRNchain crosschain network

Cross-contract execution 

EXRNchain protocol allows call or execution of specific smart contract function of one blockchain to be sent from another chain. Connect to and operate your Ethereum, Qtum, Neo and etc. contracts from one place.

Dual-Token System

EXRNchain has two core tokens in it's ecosystem:
EXRN (ERC20) and EXRT (Mainnet 2019)

Core / Liquidity
  • 100B Total Supply 
  • 70% airdropped 
  • Built on Ethereum network 
  • Used to facilitate crosschain transactions, execute swaps and provide liquidity to each transfer.
Fees / Sidechain
EXRT Learn more
  • 1B Total Supply 
  • 50% to EXRN holders
  • Built on EXRT mainnet
  • Used to pay fees for cross-chain transfers and to secure crosschain network with nodes.

How EXRNchain works?

EXRNchain is a complex network that consists of:

a) Bidding Contract
(connected to EXRNex and EXRNswaps GUI)
b) TAI [Trustless Asset Identification] backend
(running on IPFS by EXRT nodes)
c) Swap Backend Relayer & Swap Contract
d) EXRN token
(purchased as an intermediary crosschain asset)
e) EXRT token
(purchased as a fee 0.01% or 15 cents)
f) Reverse Swap Call
g) EEP [EXRN Exit Pool]

Swap Process

a) Maker places bid for a crosschain trade.
Taker accepts the trade.
b) Assets of both sides are verified to be genuine.
c) Swap process gets executed, money of both sides are locked in and escrowed.
d) EXRN is automatically purchased by taker.
e) EXRT purchased by taker as a fee.
f) Deal is done, maker receives EXRN, and taker receives given asset.
g) Maker automatically swaps EXRN to the desired asset with a special EXRN Liquidity Pool.

The given process works almost identical for simple data transfers and personal cross chain transfers.

EXRNchain Projects


Crosschain decentralized exchange
built on the EXRNchain network.
Easy, liquid, fast.


Atomic swaps implementation based
on the EXRNchain protocol: a platform that allows you to exchange your coins
with 'one-click experience'.


Crosschain payment processor
for merchants. Accept most of
the cryptocurrencies, and receive
the ones you want. 


To Be Announced


EXRNchain team consists of 3 core and 2 volunteer developers.

Yon Jung

JS, Solidity developer. Has experience working with Ethereum and other blockchains for over 2 years. Launched private blockchain for Korean enterprise data company.
Zhuan Wen

Solidity, Golang developer. 《以太坊》中国深圳 member, executed fair distribution of EXRN tokens during the launch, built TAI from scratch.
Vadim Belov
Head of EXRNpay & EXRNex

Java, C# and Python developer. Has a deep vision on how decentralized exchanges should operate and how to make people use them. Working on EXRNchain western enterprise expansion.
Nassim Bahloul
UI/UX Designer

Extensive background in UI/UX and web development. Has over 10 years of experience working for large corporations, such as SAP.

We're hiring!
Join EXRNchain Team!

EXRN & EXRT Explained

EXRN - Token that is providing liquidity for atomic swaps and crosschain transactions; meaning that any crosschain transfer will have to go through EXRN, so EXRN should be always appreciating in value.

Example: someone goes ahead with swapping $5M BTC for ETH, this $5M will firstly get swapped to EXRN by filling our crosschain exchange bids (creating a demand shock for EXRN), and then will get exchanged to ETH.  Liquidity is partly going to be provided by different crosschain orders fulfilling each other.

EXRT - Each crosschain transfer automatically buys a small amount of EXRT as a fee (which is the main use case of it). EXRT mainnet will be a sidechain of Ethereum. It is going to be a sidechain built exclusively for EXRNchain network. EXRT tokens will be swapped for EXRT mainnet coins when the distribution ends.

In case Ethereum network is congested or slow, transactors will be able to use EXRT mainnet (which will have it's own better scalability by our projections). It is also possible that ERC20 EXRN token will be swapped to the EXRN token on the EXRT mainnet.

EXRNchain Roadmap

EXRNchain Airdrop: October 2017 ✓

70% of total EXRN supply was airdropped for free to 7,000 people that filled the airdrop form and wanted to be part of EXRNchain.
Everyone got 10M EXRN.

First development goal done:
December 2017 ✓

Connection between 2 simple ledgers established without smart contract implementation.
Two volunteers join EXRNchain team to help in development.

EXRT Registration Form &
Website Update: February 2018 ✓

EXRT distribution system recreated and first registration from released. EXRNchain website update released with more detailed information. 

EXRT Token First Distribution:
March 2018 ✓

First batch of EXRT tokens sent to those who signed up. EXRT trading opens on the open market.

More Listings:
April 2018 ✓

EXRN trading pairs on NextExchange and Enclaves.

Establishing triple-chain
connection: April-May 2018 ✓

Connecting multiple 'simple ledgers' one-by-one to establish working data transfer. 
Example: chainA - EXRN - chainB - EXRN - chainC 

EXRNchain Begins Hiring:
April 2018 ✓

EXRNchain opens hiring form to expand the development and marketing team.

Double-sided crosschain transactions: June-October 2018 ✓

Creating EXRNchain asks and bids system (later to be used in swaps and exchanges) to execute double-sided crosschain transactions (firstly simple swaps of data). Two decentralized entities will be needed for each transactions.

EXRT Network Testnet: January 2019

Building EXRT testnet with support of smart contracts\dApps, testing of backend crosschain implementations.

EXRNchain Alphanet: Q3 2019

Private testnet that will have alpha protocol of EXRNchain (crosschain ability) connected to it. Main backbone for testing crosschain and audition of issues.

EXRNchain Betanet Release:
Q1 - Q3 2020

Beta version of EXRNchain is released on the public EXRT testnet, connecting with public testnets of other blockchains. 

EXRNchain 1.0 Release &
Launch of EXRT Mainnet:
Q3 - Q4 2020

Launch of EXRNchain Crosschain Network 1.0.
Launch of EXRT Mainnet & swap of ERC20 EXRT tokens to EXRT mainnet coins. EXRNchain protocol and documentation released. EXRNchain Network Projects Fund (ENPF) established.

EXRNex & EXRNswaps Beta:
Q3 - Q4 2020

Beta of two exciting project based on EXRNchain:
EXRNex - Decentralized Exchange
EXRNswaps - Atomic Swaps


What is the history of EXRNchain?

EXRN development started summer 2017 as a protocol to bridge Ethereum and Ripple, but was expanded later to connect any blockchain and any cryptocurrency. We announced our airdrop in October 2017 and distributed 70 billion EXRN (70%) for free.

EXRNchain Distribution

Total supply: 100 billion EXRN
Airdropped: 70 billion EXRN
For sale: 15 billion EXRN (10B sold)
Team: 7.5 billion EXRN (locked for 1 year)
Reserve Fund: 7.5 billion EXRN

What is EXRT?

EXRT is a second token of EXRNchain ecosystem. It will have it's own mainnet (meaning it will become a coin with it's own wallet), it will support tokens, so anyone will be able to issue one or launch a token sale. EXRN might become the token on EXRT network.

When more exchanges?

EXRNchain team is working to get listed on different exchanges, we are discussing with some of them and we are constantly contacting new exchanges.

Can I build on EXRN?

Everyone will be able to build applications on top of EXRNchain, we are going to announce when it is freely available to everyone.

Where is the whitepaper?

Whitepaper will be out at some point later, but not in the nearest future, since development is private.

EXRN Token Information

Address: 0xe469c4473af82217b30cf17b10bcdb6c8c796e75
Token Decimals: 0
Symbol: EXRN

Can I work with EXRN?

We are ready to hire talented developers and at some point we will release hiring form. Right now you can email us at [email protected] with your bio and projects.