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What is EXRT Network?

EXRT Network is a highly scalable innovative blockchain
that is developed to support & secure ecosystem of decentralized crosschain applications.

Fast Finality

Sub-second block times ensure high throughput (1,000 TPS - 100,000 TPS) needed for EXRNchain crosschain ecosystem and massive scalability for smart contracts and DApps.

Decentralized Applications

EXRT VM is based on Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) codebase which allows for support of reliable decentralized applications and cross-blockchain DApps (running on EXRNchain).

Innovative Consensus Algorithm

EXRT Network is exploring different consensus algorithms (DPOS, Threshold Relay, Tendermint, Casper POS) and will be based on the most secure and reliable of them (after sufficient amount of testing). 

Crosschain Interoperability

EXRT Network is the core securing the EXRNchain ecosystem that allows for crosschain transactions and has dozens of use cases. This allows EXRT network to be an interoperable blockchain.

EXRT Token Features

Crosschain Fees & Fuel

Any crosschain transaction on EXRNchain makes a purchase of a small EXRT amount as a fee. EXRT is a digital fuel to interchain transfers and ecosystem of applications.


EXRT is a governance token that allows stakeholders to vote on everything that happens in the network (soft\hard forks, protocol upgrades, integrations, difficulty).


EXRT has 2 staking ways:
a) rewarding stakeholders for securing the EXRT & EXRN networks with block rewards. b) EXRNchain fees will be distributed fairly between all stakers on EXRT network.

EXRT Network Roadmap

First Distribution of EXRT:
March 2018 ✓

First batch of EXRT tokens sent to those who signed up. EXRT trading opens on the open market.

EXRT Network Testnet Registration: January 2019

Registration form opens that allows you to join EXRT Network testnet.

EXRT Network Testnet: Q1-Q4 2019 ✓

Building & improving EXRT Network testnet with support of smart contracts\dApps, testing of backend crosschain implementations.

EXRT Last Distribution: Q4 2019 ✓

Registration opened, and execution of the final 8th round of EXRT distibution.

EXRNchain Alphanet Development: 2020

Development of EXRNchain core crosschain functionality. Troubleshooting and finalization of alpha protocol vision.

EXRNchain & EXRT Alphanet: 2021-2022

Private testnet that will have alpha protocol of EXRNchain (crosschain ability) connected to it. Main backbone for testing crosschain and audition of issues.

EXRNchain & EXRT Betanet Release:

Beta version of EXRNchain is released on the public EXRT testnet, connecting with public testnets of other blockchains. 

EXRNchain 1.0 Release &
Launch of EXRT Mainnet:

Launch of EXRNchain Crosschain Network 1.0.
Launch of EXRT Mainnet & swap of ERC20 EXRT tokens to EXRT mainnet coins. EXRNchain protocol and documentation released. EXRNchain Network Projects Fund (ENPF) established.

EXRNex & EXRNswaps Beta:

Beta of two exciting project based on EXRNchain:
EXRNex - Decentralized Exchange
EXRNswaps - Atomic Swaps


EXRT's relation to EXRNchain?

EXRT Network is being developed by EXRNchain team and is designed to support and secure EXRNchain ecosystem. However, EXRT Network is an independent blockchain and it's features are not limited by suiting some needs. EXRT Network can be used by any developers to create and run DApps, blockchain projects and protocols on.

EXRT Distribution

Total Supply: 1 Billion EXRT

Distributions: 500 Million EXRT
Team: 200 Million EXRT
Investors & Partners: 200 Million EXRT
Ecosystem Development: 100 Million EXRT

When exchanges & whitepaper?

EXRT Network team is working to get EXRT listed on different exchanges, but there is no estimated time on when this will happen.

Currently EXRT Network team is more interested in launching testnet in the coming future than writing a whitepaper. We might do it at some point, but not sure that it is needed once we launch the test/mainnet.

What is current circulating supply?

There were 62.5M EXRT set for each distribution. As currently all distributions happened, the circulating supply at the moment is 500,000,000 EXRT. Some of team\partners\ecosysytem tokens can join circulation at any time as they are not locked.

Why is EXRT an ERC20 token?

EXRT has been deployed as ERC20 token to distribute it among EXRN holders and allow for free market trading of it, while it is still being developed. Once mainnet launches, EXRT tokens will be swapped to mainnet coins.

Can I purchase EXRT allocation directly from the team?

Yes, there are 200M EXRT tokens set aside for investors and partnerships. Please email us at [email protected] with your offer and amount of ETH\BTC you would like to invest.

EXRT Distributions:

There are only 1,000,000,000 EXRT issued, 500 million of which were paid to EXRN token holders during the 2018 & 2019 years (each quarter). You can see the breakdown of 8 EXRT Distributions here. 

Token Information:
Contract: 0xb20043F149817bff5322F1b928e89aBFC65A9925
Decimals: 8
Symbol: EXRT

EXRT Core token powering EXRT Network  Live
  • 1B Total Supply
  • 500M Airdropped to EXRN holders
  • 8 distributions
  • Swap to mainnet in 2021-2022
  • Used to pay fees for cross-chain transfers and to secure crosschain network with nodes.

# - Status - Month - Holders - Total EXRN - Rate

#1 - Distributed - March - 1838 - 35.8b - 0.000916
#2 - Distributed - June - 1883 - 40.86b - 0.00059
#3 - Distributed - October - 1454 - 38.3b - 0.00064
#4 - Distributed - January - 1174 - 35.57b - 0.00083
#5 - Distributed - April - 1175 - 40.1b - 0.000691
#6 - Distributed - July - 1215 - 49b - 0.000576
#7 - Distributed - October - 955 - 40.6b - 0.000748
#8 - Distributed - January - 860 - 38.4b - 0.00079


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